Jacob May

Bringing Fashion Waste Full Circle

Plastic bags are one of several single-use scourges targeted for replacement by innovators looking to reduce plastic waste. While consumers often picture the plastic shopping bag, other single-use packaging such as the polybag generates waste...

Innovation in the Time of COVID: How Hygiene Got Hot

What do you do when the world is in the throes of a historic pandemic and you’re in charge of innovation for the world’s number one disinfectant brand? To find out, we spoke to Willem Rensink, Group Director for Hygiene Innovation Partnerships at...

Balancing Act: Data, Dialogue and Policy

Ahead of his scheduled talk at Sustainability in Packaging 2021, we caught up with Dan Felton, Executive Director of the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN). We discussed his busy first year at the institute, how...

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