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Balancing Act: Data, Dialogue and Policy

Ahead of his scheduled talk at Sustainability in Packaging 2021, we caught up with Dan Felton, Executive Director of the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN). We discussed his busy first year at the institute, how...

A look back at the 2019 Halo Awards

Two months ago on October 12, we celebrating some of the most inspiring scientists in Chicago working to advance their research and help patients. As 2020 draws to a close, take a look back at the names and faces of these heroes and their supporters...

Musicians who live double-lives as scientists

University of Chicago cancer researcher Tom Gajewski and his band of fellow immunotherapists, The Checkpoints, are part of a growing club. See which of your favorite rock stars are really scientists in disguise.

Where to schmooze & booze at ASCO

Leading cancer researchers, patient advocates and industry execs from across the globe will convene in Chicago once again from May 31 to June 4. Here’s where to supercharge your networking and sneak in a few cocktails.

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